Live-In/ Live-out Home Care Services

Live-out home care is a great option for families who are concerned about their elderly or loved ones’ safety and well-being around-the-clock care. 24-hour home care is delivered with the help of several experienced caregivers who alternate on a schedule tailored to our client’s needs. At Hephzibah, we work with many families whose loved ones often need hourly home care several days a week.

In addition, we also offer Live-in home care where caregivers stay in the clients’ homes seven days a week. Hephzibah specializes in 24-hourly or live-in home care. Our experienced care management team works with each client and/or family member to create a personalized care plan and we match one of our professional, committed, and compassionate caregivers to meet those needs. Our goal is to deliver happier, healthier and independent care in the comfort of the home.

When Is Live-In Care the Best Option?

Unlike 24-hour home care where a caregiver must always be present, alert, and ready to help, live-in home care is the best option for those clients who don’t need around-the-clock care. With live-in care, one of our carefully screened and highly trained live-in caregivers will become your loved one’s primary caregiver and provide care weekly. Our live-in caregivers always provide care and support with the utmost professionalism and are strictly forbidden from using items belonging to their clients for their personal use. Our highly experienced care management team is available around the clock to ensure continuity and quality of care and act as a resource to the family should they have questions about their loved one’s care schedule or live-in care services.

Reach out for a Complimentary Consultation Today

Choosing between live-in or 24-hour home care depends on several factors, including your loved one’s physical and cognitive capabilities, living arrangements, need for around-the-clock care, cost-effectiveness, and lifestyle. Making a care decision for a senior loved one isn’t always an easy task, and that is why we offer complimentary, no-obligation consultations. We encourage you to share details about your loved one’s care needs, as well as any possible concerns, and to ask questions so we can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We offer flexible 24-hour home care options you can count on. To request your consultation, kindly give us a call today.